Tuesday 3 December 2013

Spanish Figures available for sale this week

I would like to announce that the new Spanish Army figures will be available for sale this week (6th December). These comprise of four separate packs; Centre Company Marching, Flank Company Marching, Flank Company Skirmishing/firing, and Command set. Each pack has six unique figures. Once the figures have arrived I will update the webstore so that their listings are active.

I'm very excited that these wonderfully sculpted figures will now be available. The Llanero Cavalry, and Peasant infantry packs will be next. There will also be another announcement soon about other figures to be released in the next week.
Please let me know if you would like to order some figures and I'll set them aside when I receive them and await your online order.

The figures can be purchased directly from our webstore here:  


  1. Hi Mark, those look excellent. I will put in an order when they arrive for 1 pack of each, plus the already released Gran Colombians.

    Many thanks John

    PS. Any plans to release flags for the Royalists, I usually paint my own but the detail is just too fiddly on these even for me.

    1. Hello John. Grand, I'll put those packs aside for you. Next up on the flags front will be banners for the Grand Colombians. There will be Spanish flags as well, probably for 3 or 4 of the most common regiments in the northern campaigns (such as Burgos, Navarre and Numancia regiments). In the meantime this should not be a problem as there are several well known companies already offering Spanish Napoleonic flags in 28mm. I will put up some draft flag images as well I drew in Powerpoint for the basic Gran Colombian flag.

  2. Great news about the upcoming release of the Spanish troops... I sense an early Christmas present to myself!

    I'm also very excited to hear that cavalry are on the way... any chance of ebob horses? It will be great to see the llaneros. Hopefully a mounted command personality or two can be squeezed into the schedule too!


    1. Hello Rob, The figures should land on my desk tomorrow. Regarding horse, yes we will be using an ebob horse under license for all the Llanero sculpts.

      Don't worry, mounted commands are in the pipeline as well, though obviously these will appear in Q1 2014.