Friday 28 October 2016

Some new sculpts on the way - Bolivar, San Martin, O'Higgins and loads of Cavalry

 Just a early preview of some new sculpts that we have in the pipeline. These will include Spanish, Gran Colombian and generic dragoons, and Hussars. We hope you like them.

Sunday 23 October 2016

Painted Llaneros for Battle of Carabobo

A good friend of Orinoco Miniatures from Caracas (Carlos Godoy) sent some photographs of his lovely terrain, with newly painted Llaneros from our range. This will be part of a diaroma representing the Battle of Carobobo (1821).

Most of the infantry are also from Orinoco Miniatures.

Monday 16 May 2016

New Sharp Practice Army Lists

So with the kind help of Richard Clarke of Too Fat Lardies fame, we've managed to put together army lists for the South American Wars of Liberation to go with the realease of the wonderful new set of rules "Sharp Practice 2."  The list give you many variations for both Patriot and Royalist forces fighting in the Northern Campaigns of Simon Bolivar in Colombia and Venezuela (1817 - 1824).

You can find them here:

Coming up next will be photos of the two armies from these lists and some first games.

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Llaneros and other packs now available

I am happy to announce that we now have all our new packs in stock and available for sale on our web store. I managed to give all the new figures a quick ink wash, to bring out the detail of these sculpts. We have even managed to get General Jose Antonio Paez into our command pack above, on the right (ordering his Llaneros to turn around and attack the Spanish cavalry that was pursuing them  at the battle of Las Queseras del Medio, in 1819 ). 

There are five separate packs of Llaneros light cavalry in total, one command, two charging and two with upright lances.

We have also release peasant infantry below.
Also artillery crews for both sides.
And Gran Colombian infantry on campaign (with Fatigue caps/"Bonnets de police", sandals and ragged trousers).
Next in line for sculpting will be more Spanish infantry, and mounted command/personalities for both side.