Uniform plates for the South American Wars of Independence (1809-1829)

 (above) Gran Colombian Infantry

Gran Colombian Infantry in fatigue caps (first image painted by R.G. Rojas)

Gran Colombian Officers 1826

Uniforms Spanish of Regiments fighting in South America

(Source of plates: “Los Realistas (1810-1826) by J.M.L. Lagleyze & A.M. Lahoz,)

  Burgos Regiment

Numancia Regiment

Imperial Alejandro regiment

Fernando VII Regiment

 Cazador Regiment Sevilla

Extramadura Regiment


  1. I am at your orders, I am the artist of Patriot in fatigue uniform. I have no problem to share with you some other illustration. I would only appreciate to name the author, that's all!! You have a very beautiful collections, the "llanero" riders are truly fantastic. The only remark about it, they have different attires in different campaigns. In 1815, they were badly dressed; practically undressed. In Vargas or Boyacá, they wore peasants clothing and uniforms stolen form the Royalists. In Carabobo, as I already mentioned, the army was fully uniformed and Bolivar asked them to go to battle in parade uniform. A your orders, R.G.Rojas

    1. Dear Mr. Rojas, thank you for your message. I really didn't know who created the image, and of course I claim absolutely no copyright to it. I will certainly add you as the source above. I would be really interested as well to see any other images you have. I have a lot of cooperation with friends in Venezuela and other countries who provide me with information so that I can get metal figures sculpted accurately, and mostly they say the same as you about how the patriots were dressed. Please send me a direct message if you can. Best regards.

    2. Bravo, you one talented dude!!! Hope to see more of your military art in the future.