Tuesday 23 February 2016

Llaneros and other packs now available

I am happy to announce that we now have all our new packs in stock and available for sale on our web store. I managed to give all the new figures a quick ink wash, to bring out the detail of these sculpts. We have even managed to get General Jose Antonio Paez into our command pack above, on the right (ordering his Llaneros to turn around and attack the Spanish cavalry that was pursuing them  at the battle of Las Queseras del Medio, in 1819 ). 

There are five separate packs of Llaneros light cavalry in total, one command, two charging and two with upright lances.

We have also release peasant infantry below.
Also artillery crews for both sides.
And Gran Colombian infantry on campaign (with Fatigue caps/"Bonnets de police", sandals and ragged trousers).
Next in line for sculpting will be more Spanish infantry, and mounted command/personalities for both side.


  1. At last! I was waiting for them since long ago...

  2. These all look great. And I'm really looking forward to the mounted command.

    How will the upcoming Spanish infantry be different?


    1. Hello Rob, we will be releasing Spanish in tunics with tails, with Bardin style lapels most likely, and also single-buttoned tailed tunics. This will cover the majority of Spanish uniforms, both North and South, during the Wars of Liberation

  3. Excelent work!!!!! Beautifull miniatures

  4. Fantastic! My lead mountain is currently devoid of South American inhabitants, this situation may be about to change.
    Regards HGA.