Tuesday 12 November 2013

Gran Colombian figures now available for sale

I would like to announce that the packs of Gran Colombian infantry are now available for sale on the Orinoco Miniatures web store here: Orinoco Miniatures

I do hope you all like them. Other news, the Spanish infantry are now at the casting service and should be available for sale in the next 14 days.

The figures can be purchased directly from our webstore here:  


  1. Any pictures of the Spanish command? And are there any patriot units that this uniform could be used for?


    1. Hello Rob,
      I'll put up pictures of all the Spanish greens later today or tomorrow.
      There are several units on the Patriot side that these figures could be used for, such as the Chilean Army during the Peru campaigns (like the battle of Zepita in 1823 where the 2nd, 4th and Cazadore Battalions had campaign uniforms with short jackets), as well as for some units in the Argentinian Army (United Provinces of La Plata that is), such as the Numancia Regiment in 1821. Many period prints also show Patriot soldiers in informal short jackets on campaign. Clothes wore out quickly in the hot climate, and infantry made do with whatever uniform they could find (or take off dead Royalist soldiers. Hope that helps.
      Best regards,

    2. Small correction, at the battle of Zepita in 1823, the 2nd, 4th and Cazadore Battalions belonged to the Peruvian Army, not the Chilean.