Monday 7 October 2013

New Spanish Command figures in the pipeline

I just thought I'd post a teaser photograph of some drummers for the new Spanish command set which is being finished as we speak (along with the Gran Colombian Command set). As you can see I think the sculpting is up to the high standard that we are trying to maintain. I hope you like them.

We're still targeting the final release of the Gran Colombian figures over the next month (a total of 18 individual sculpts), and the Spanish shortly afterwards. As they say, quality takes time :-)


  1. Very impressive. Any resources for painting tips for the Gran Colombians at all please? I can find plenty for the south but not the North.



    1. Hello Paul, for Gran Colombians, the tunics were either blue, with red cuffs, collar and turnbacks, or white tunics. The trousers were white. For all uniforms the cross belts were either black or untreated leather, not white. The first unit have shoes and shakos, but just as many wore only sandals or were barefoot. The gorillo fatigue cap (similar to that worn by the Spanish and French Napoleonic armies) was also very common. Both the Shakos, and fatigue caps had a large roundel in the Gran Colombian colours (red,blue and yellow). I'll post up some original imgaes from the period to give you an idea. Again though, primary sources for uniform data for the Northern campaigns are few.

  2. Excellent stuff. Can't wait for these to be available to order!