Wednesday 22 May 2013

Don't Panic - the figures really are in the post

Douglas Adams was quite a prescient chap, and this lovely logo no doubt should be emblazoning the covers of iPads and Kindles worldwide. With that in mind, the message is indeed "Don't panic"; I have just received confirmation from UPS and the Casting service that all that lovely metal that are the British Legion figures will be upon the shores of Bohemia by Monday latest (27th May). We even have a tracking number :-)

Already lined up are some figure painters who have kindly offered to paint up the first few test figures, so that you can all see painted images of the Legion in action. I'll also give some packs an ink wash, and post up images so that you can quickly get a better idea of the detail.

There will be more news during the week about other nice developments, as well as status updates on the next two units (Spanish and Gran Colombians), which are being sculpted as we speak.

Also, in the coming days we will be getting the official web page and e-shop up and running, so that you can pick the packs right off the virtual shelf (or something like that). So onwards and upwards mis valientes.


  1. But I want them now!!!

    Great news, How will they be sold, in packs or separately?


  2. Hello Paul,

    We'll be selling them in packs of 6 at the moment. Just e-mail us if you have any special requirements or order, and we can see how we can help you.

  3. Great that fine. Six in a pack is a good idea.

  4. Really good news! Now, expecting them!

    1. Hello Juan,
      Yes, they will be ready for sale from Monday onwards.
      The official website with online store is built and now just being tested. I will announce the details on this blog.

      Best regards.

  5. Curiosity killed me, not fair! ;o)