Sunday, 9 March 2014

New Greens for Chaco War Range - Officers

Next up in our pipeline of new release will be officers for the Chaco War range. These are two each for the Bolivian and Paraguayan armies (the Bolivian officers usually had "Sam Browne" belts which marked out their rank). Given the diversity of clothing displayed by both sides, especially as the campaign conditions became harder, one really can use these four figures to represent officers for either side. We suspect that they are adaptable to some other inter-war conflicts as well, such as the Spanish Civil War.

These figures will be available in the next few weeks along with the new SMG figures. There is more news about additional figures which we will be announcing soon.


  1. Great figures!

    I'll got a couple of armies of the Chaco War in 15mm, looks like I'll have to upgrade!

    Any chance of mgs and crews? I also see that Empress Miniatures has just released a Schneider 75/27 Mountain gun that would go nicely with your range!



    1. Thanks Nick. Yes, HMGs and Mortars will be up next. At some point we will also do artillery crew, especially fitted to Schneider 75mm which were so common in this war.

      Just to let you know, LMG figures for both sides have already been sculpted and will be released at the same time as the officers and SMG figures.

  2. Any news on more figures for the wars of liberation? I'm keen to devote more resources to this.



  3. Hello Paul, yes there will be a lot more figures coming out. I have been looking at pictures of new sculpts just today. Next up will be Llaneros cavalry, Peasant Militia, and more Gran Colombians, to name a few.

  4. It's great to see the range developing so well and with such wonderful sculpts - bravo!

  5. Thanks Curt. We hope to get these out at some point, then following up with support weapons packs. We're moving ahead with some more releases for the Liberators range as well.

  6. Hi,
    Can you give us an update on the Chaco War range? Beautiful figures. I have been waiting until the LMGs are ready, and the officers and SMG. Thanks

  7. Hello Bob, officers and SMG figures should come out in Q1 2015. LMG's are in the pipeline, but we don't have a definite date yet. We're hoping as soon as possible of course.
    All the best and Happy New Year.

  8. Hello Any sign of the Chaco war releases??